The National Underwater Cleanup will engage volunteers from around the country with our year-round Dive Against Debris program. The program has the potential to provide critical information and data about marine debris and to promote approaches against marine pollution.

1-7 December, 2014, Place: Saint Martin’s Island, Organizer: Save Our Sea

In co-operation with: Mangroves for the Future and Project Aware

Experienced divers are requested bring diving log book to the venue before inaugural ceremony. No registration needed for divers.

The volunteers will be enabled to take part in the process of fighting for a debris free sea. They will get basic lesson for Marine Conservation and a certificate on behalf of SOS and Project Aware.

Registration for volunteers:
To register please send us your CV and describe why you are interested to join the cleanup. We will contact you. Registration is open till 27th November. Send your details to Alifa Haque at

Registration fee for volunteers (for divers, none) is BDT 4,000 only. Volunteers will leave the program on 3rd December.

SOS will arrange Accommodation and Food in Saint Martin’s Island for registered diver and volunteers.

Registered divers and volunteer are required to report to the SOS Saint Martin’s Station within 30th November (Till 4PM).

Alifa Haque
Director, Save Our Sea

Inaugural Ceremony:

Inaugural ceremony will be held on 1st December 2014 at 12 PM in front of Coast Guard base. All registered divers, volunteers and guests is requested to report to the venue half an hour prior to the ceremony.