Bay of Bengal Shark Program

A citizen science based model for creating a baseline for transboundary conservation of shark

Communities and businesses for better knowledge and protection of sharks

Launched October 2015, Bengal Shark is designed and hosted by Save Our Sea to create, gather and share knowledge on shark in the Bay of Bengal countries and to facilitate private sector-led conservation.


Creating and gathering scientific knowledge on local populations of sharks and their habitats; Working with artisanal fishers and deep sea fishing industries to reduce bycatch and protect threatened shark species; Mainstreaming elasmobranch biodiversity conservation into society and government; Bringing sustainability to international trade of Elasmobranch species; Training the students, young professionals, conservationists in elasmobranch conservation science and mainstreaming.

National Programs

National platforms and initiatives will be based on the specific scenario, challenges, and priorities assessed by related national and local organizations. For instance, in Bangladesh, there is no credible taxonomic knowledge base, therefore senior experts, early career professionals, local fishing cooperatives, trade bodies of deep-sea fishers are collaborating with conservationists in this voluntary program to create a baseline.


Bengal Shark

Are you a fisher, businessman, community leader, government official, researcher, journalist or student from Bangladesh, Myanmar, India, Sri Lanka or Thailand? To share your ideas and works, to know more about the initiative, and to contribute in the program, please write to us.


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