Ocean Literacy

Ocean Literacy

Save Our Sea believes Ocean literacy is a prerequisite for Bangladesh’s quest for a more marine-oriented society and economy. We are convinced that a more informed and concerned, that is to say Ocean literate public and specially young population will better understand the need to manage the ocean resources and marine ecosystems in a sustainable way.

The goal of Save Our Sea’s Ocean Literacy Program is initiation and advancement of ocean literacy and education in Bangladesh. It will serve as a platform for learning, dialogue and communication among conservationists, practitioners, scientists and academia to develop a network of ocean educators and a base of contents. It will keep together the educators to create momentum that will increase national understanding of the value of the ocean in our life.

Objectives of Ocean Education program are:

  1. To ensure that every student learns about the ocean.
  2. To create ocean literate citizens, an ocean literate person understands their influence and impact on the ocean and the ocean’s inflluence and impact on them.


Potential Key Activities of Ocean Literacy Program will include:

  1. To develop a Ocean Literacy Framework for Bangladesh.
  2. To assess what the public knows about the ocean.
  3. To redress the lack of ocean-related content in national science education standards.
  4. To develop infrastructure for public education and curricular and extra curricular activities of students.


Are you a conservationist, practitioner, scientist or member of the academia? Want to join the network of Ocean Educators? Feel free to contact us. 


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