1st MCBES was designed to assess the status and identify challenges of marine conservation and blue economy in Bangladesh. The symposium explored the potential of Locally Led Marine Conservation in the Bay of Bengal and coastal areas.

8th June 2015
(On the occasion of World Oceans Day 2015)
Krishibid Institution of Bangladesh, Dhaka


Organized by: Save Our Sea
In cooperation with: Mangroves for the Future (MFF), IUCN Bangladesh, USAID, WorldFish, BAPA, Riverine People.

Proceedings of the Marine Conservation and Blue Economy Symposium 2015


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  • Informing the participants about efforts of marine conservation in Bangladesh both in conservation science and practices.
  • Enabling the participants to identify the strategies and key actions for sustainable management of Marine Ecosystems.
  • To help the participants better understand the importance of Locally Led Marine Conservation for a sustainable coastal economy.
  • Mainstreaming the idea that Blue Economy as a necessarily biodiversity driven economic approach.


Opening session of the symposium.

Opening session of the symposium.



  • To bring together marine scientists and expert oceanographers with a view to examining the achievements in marine science research and conservation in Bangladesh.
  • To identify the potential fields in the marine conservation science for future research.
  • To encourage graduates and young scientists to build their life around marine conservation.
  • To communicate different stakeholders about the core issues of Ecosystem Based Management and Blue Economy.



Editors, guests, authors and general participants at the symposium. Photo: Sumon Karmokar/ Save Our Sea



  • Technical Session on the theme ‘Marine conservation in Bangladesh: Status and Challenges’; presentation of thematic paper and abstract.
  • A Panel Discussion on ‘Locally Led Marine Conservation’; for Invited speakers and registered guests.
  • An Exhibition; Showcasing different individuals’ and organizations’ work in marine science and conservation.



Designated discussants at the panel discussion. Photo: Sumon Karmokar/ Save Our Sea