Fighting Marine Debris

Fighting Marine Debris

Fighting Marine Debris is a year-round program targeting underwater, floating and beach debris and data collection and cleanup.

This initiative is designed to reduce marine debris through gathering critical data, formulating data-driven policy decision, and creating awareness.



Fighting Marine Debris empowers scuba divers, marine conservationist, and volunteers in Bangladesh to remove and report types and amounts of trash they find underwater.

As per Project AWARE’s guidelines divers are encouraged to report on locations, types and quantities of litter that they see and remove underwater.

The rubbish collected is categorized based on the material of construction: plastic, glass/ceramic, metal, rubber, wood, cloth, paper/cardboard, mixed materials and other debris items. Individual items are then recorded within the relevant category using the Dive Against Debris Data Card and ID Guide. Information about survey location, dive duration, depth, the number of participants and entangled animals encountered are also reported.


What we have achieved

Since 2013, every year volunteers geared up with wet-suits, oxygen tanks, trash bags, and gloves to clean Saint Martin’s underwater. From the shoreline and depths of the sea, volunteers found everything from common keys, glasses, cell phones, pull tabs, boat anchors, and shoes to more bizarre things like undergarments, crankshafts, and iron and steel plate or rods.

But the most notable achievement is waves of awareness among Islanders and Tourists. Every year hundreds of tourists promised to us that they would be careful about throwing non-bio-degradable stuff into the sea. They vowed to be remaining vigilant against man-made ocean pollution.


Cleanup is fun, join today!

You can also join the cleanup on any day. If you are interested personally or want to organize a cleanup, please contact us, we’ll help you.


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