For enthusiasts, conservationists, entrepreneurs and policy makers, upcoming Marine Conservation and Blue Economy Symposium (MCBES) 2016 is going to be a forum for redefining themselves and expand the network for research and collaboration in future.

We acknowledge social media as a very important medium for interaction in the cyber space and believe that such interactions foster further development of knowledge in the public sphere. In this light we very much encourage all the participants of 2nd #MCBES to use social media. However, there is a need to keep this use strategic, so the proper message is disseminated to the wider community in an efficient way, and at the same time, miscommunications and wrong messages are avoided.

This guideline provides the participants, presenters, speakers, volunteers, and all other stakeholders of 2nd #MCBES on general public use of social media i.e. online social networking sites, blogs, other sites and services that permit user to share information with others in a synchronous manner over internet.


First things first!

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We will keep on posting from our official accounts in twitter and facebook. These are to be considered the only authentic post in social media from our end. The more we share and retweet these posts to our personal networks in social media, more reach they get.


We encourage personal reflections and posts, but please follow the following guidelines so you don’t get left out of the stream!

Official post by Save Our Sea:

<key message>; @other partner/person ID (if relevant) 2nd #MCBES #WorldOceansDay

Personal post on twitter:

<key message>; 2nd #MCBES #WorldOceansDay @SaveOurSea_BD @other partner/person ID (if relevant)

For example: ‘Going to attend 2nd #MCBES, hope for nice talks on locally led conservation #WorldOceansDay @SaveOurSea_BD

Personal post on Facebook:

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For example:  ‘How to achieve Bangladesh’s Ocean SDGs, exploring the potentials. 2nd #MCBES #WorldOceansDay @bongoposagar’


Have a Question? You can reach the speaker, presenter or 2nd #MCBES team by social media

Every speaker and presenter will have a preferred social media ID/Hashtag which we will communicate before the speech or presentation. Post your question on Twitter or Facebook using the following code, and we will get back to you with an answer:

Twitter: ‘Your Question’ @SpeakerID or #SpeakerID 2nd #MCBES @SaveOurSea_BD

For example: ‘Suggest any literature on community led marine conservation in BD? @mohammadarju 2nd #MCBES @SaveOurSea_BD’

Facebook: ‘Your Question’ @SpeakerID or #SpeakerID 2nd #MCBES @bongoposagar

For example: Is remote sensing research effective to trigger management decision in extremely turbid estuaries and tidal areas? What do you think? @tawhidurahaman 2nd #MCBES @bongoposagar’


Want to write an article or report using information and content shared or developed through 2nd #MCBES ?

Just Drop an e-mail to ; We can advise you in the best possible way.


We Encourage Everyone:

  • To respond to others in a constructive, respectful and professional manner
  • Acknowledge and correct mistakes promptly
  • Post only accurate information
  • Always credit sources of images, videos, blogs and link to sources where appropriate
  • To ensure no conflict of interest arises from sharing content

We Urge Everyone to Refrain From:

  • Engaging in rudeness or personal attacks (e. harassment, bullying, intimidating, alienating or isolating others)
  • Posts or comments that contain profanity, defamatory, discriminatory, racist, offensive, obscene or inflammatory content
  • Any content deemed to have breached laws applicable to the People’s Republic of Bangladesh
  • Publishing data or information without written approval of the author and the copy right holder


  • SOS does not take responsibility for posts in media except for posts which are made through its official account on Facebook and Twitter or its official press release.
  • SOS reserves the right to remove, delete and hide any breach or activity under this guideline
  • SOS may Report these breaches to authorities if required
  • SOS may Block, report as spam and highlight breaching activities to social and mobile media platforms