Together we can protect our sea!


Save Our Sea offers collaborative conservation frameworks for building social-ecological resilience through creating an inclusive society and protecting the nature in Bangladesh and other Bay of Bengal countries.

Our frameworks, programs and other partnership-based initiatives are designed to go beyond the limitations of science, employ it for re-shaping policy and sustainable management of marine ecosystems and biodiversity.

Since formal inception in June 2013, Save Our Sea’s main focuses are ocean literacy and locally led marine conservation, and we do it through Participatory Action Research.

To make research more effective, to develop innovative and socially-led tools for sustainable progress in marine conservation science and policy, we bring together conservationists, communities, businesses, policy makers and students.

To facilitate locally led marine conservation efforts in the coastal regions we encourage volunteers and young conservationists to live with communities for extensive periods. We engage private sector businesses in encouraging them to take the leadership in some biodiversity and ecosystem conservation process where they are the main stakeholder.

With the Head Office in Dhaka, Bangladesh; currently we operate from two other stations in Chittagong and Saint Martin’s Island. As a Public Charitable Trust, we primarily depend on the members for financial support.